Water wells have been around for a very long time dating all the way back to 5090BC. Many early civilizations required the use of wells to thrive in environments where surface water was scarce.

Today, water wells are drilled using drilling equipment that is capable of reaching the water table and providing a sustainable source of water to your pumping system.

Brewer Pump and Well Service works with some of the best drillers in the industry to help assure you get a good well source so we can then setup the pumping system that will supply you all the water you need for the application the well was drilled for.

We will provide and setup all the pumping and testing equipment necessary to assure the water is delivered at the correct pressures and it is clean and free of contaminants.

After the well is drilled and the pumping system is in place, we will supply all the necessary equipment and supplies to keep the well pumping clean fresh water for years to come.

Here are few great resources for wells:

Arizona Department of Water Resources

Arizona`s Well Owners Guide to Water Supply

Arizona Wells, Low Yielding Domestic Water Wells